The 4 Types Of Gun Owners


This isn’t my list and I didn’t make it up. I saw it some where or the other a week or so ago and saved it. I could quibble a bit on some of it but over all I think it’s pretty accurate.I would say there is room for at least 1 or 2 more types. Like the kind who own a handgun or shotgun that sits in the back of the closet and they don’t much care about it or the laws that affect them . Have any thoughts on this?

1. Do not support the NFA or ATF or any gun control regulation, believe that all firearms should be legal; stock up on as many firearms, magazines and ammunition as possible; tend to carry a concealed firearm every day and support open carry; believe in the right to self-defense and the right to resist tyranny; follow the 2nd Amendment as written; willing to follow the same path that our founding fathers did at Lexington and Concord.

2. Usually make the claim that they support the 2nd Amendment and always follow with the word “but”; do not support open carry of firearms, rarely carry firearms themselves; did not have an issue with Donald Trump banning bump stocks or showing opposition to the right to own silencers; scared of words like “assault weapons” and “silencers” as they cater to leftist political correctness and fears; support universal background checks and firearm registration; support requiring training and licenses to own firearms.

3. Criminals: Only want firearms to commit crimes such as rape, robbery, murder, mass shootings or terrorist attacks; support any and all gun control as it does not apply to them as written and it will disarm their intended victims

4. Leftists (aka Communists/Antifa): Support any and all gun control and protest in favor of assault weapons bans; have been secretly stashing up on firearms and ammunition; have been training for decades in preparation to take over the country in a violent Communist revolution; are dangerous and willing to be martyrs to the cause of disarmament (see James Hodgkinson, Stephen Paddock and Connor Stephen Betts).


  1. I would say many more categories,tis very hard to box people into a single category and some fit a few boxes not mentioned,and forget thinking outside the box,refuse to be in a box in the first place.

  2. Call me crazy, but I’m a big fan of firearms training. Safety, correct handling, skill at arms.

    Being accidentally killed by some useless muppet who couldn’t remember to keep his finger off the trigger is one of my real bad dreams.

  3. You are exactly right about the guy who owns a couple of guns and keeps them in the back of the closet. (Howard touches on this in his post too.) Guns are tools, and lots of people own them for their utility without being “into” them per se.

    And it’s exactly this type of person that most incrementalist-type laws are aimed at. The gun banners want to make owning a firearm so legally fraught that only wackos like us would bother to learn all the rules so as to avoid getting jammed up.

    How long can you loan a gun to a friend for? Does he need a license? How big can a legal magazine be? Is this gun/magazine grandfathered or illegal? How can I tell? Never mind, I’ll go bowling instead and keep a baseball bat by my bed for home defense.

  4. Don’t forget the Fudd catagory. The great hunter who has a few rifles and shotguns and maybe even a pistol or two. He will stand there and tell you that you don’t need an AR15 or an AK, and how we have to get rid of “banana clips”. As long as his guns are not affected, he has no concern for yours.


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