3D Printed AR15 Autosear


DISCLAIMER: We did not make this part or know the people who made it. Person who made this video is properly licensed to manufacture NFA components.

“This video is provided by an FFL with proper authority to manufacture machineguns. The FFL has requested they not be named but has approved release of this video.

This is an autosear that functions like a swift link (disconnector manipulation). It is printed in PLA, and was deisgned by FreeMenDontAsk, the same fellow who has done many different printable pistol frames as many are familiar with.

This sear worked issue free for 200 rounds and counting, but is showing signs of wear. “

” It will be shared for educational reference on Deterrence Dispensed various distribution channels once testing is done “

screen shot from video showing the parts.

3D Printed AR15 Autosear ($0.50 of biodegradable plastic) – Reupload due to Reddit bugginess from r/guns


    • Registered DIAS’ were spec’d around the M16 carrier, not rare or regulated at all. This is why later carrier cuts were released. Though if you could manufacture one, especially with a 3D printer, I’d imagine one could be readily manufactured for any carrier cut.

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