Hong Kong Boogaloo 10/1/2019


Things in HK seem to have hit THE point. We now have the police firing live ammo at the pro freedom protestors. And on the anniversary of the communist governments 70 years of oppression. How appropriate. Now we will see just how dedicated the HK people are to their cause going forward.

An illegal march in Hong Kong held on Tuesday to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Communist Party rule in China had mostly petered out by the late afternoon, as the bulk of protesters left the starting point near Sogo, the SCMP reports.

Still, as has become a pattern in recent weeks, a small but dedicated group of protesters clashed with police, hurling Molotov cocktails and coming to physical blows.

But for the first time since the protests started four months ago, a protester was shot by Hong Kong police officers on Tuesday.

As video circulating online shows, a group of protesters attacked a police van, hurling sticks and other projectiles. Several officers got out and tried to chase them away, but one of the officers slipped and fell to the ground, where he was assaulted by several protesters.

That reportedly led to the firing of several warning shots at the intersection of Waterloo and Nathan Roads in Kowloon. The shots can be heard in the video below:

Two officers suffered head injuries during the attack.

Shortly after this incident, during a separate scene on Hoi Pa Street in Tsuen Wan, a man was shot in the chest with a live round: First responders and police were seen tending to the victim at the scene, though it’s unclear whether he survived the shooting.

Outside Beijing’s representative offices in Admiralty, police lobbed tear gas at protesters and sprayed crowds with blue-colored water, Reuters reports.

Once again, HK mass transit shut down, with 25 out of 91 stations closed across the city, including the entire Tsuen Wan line.

According to SCMP, five live rounds were fired during Tuesday’s demonstrations. Though police haven’t commented on the shootings, Reuters reports that the police said protesters threw a ‘corrosive fluid’ on officers in Tuen Mun, wounding several officers and reporters.

By early evening local time, the streets had calmed down.

It’s worth pointing out that the timing of this unprecedented escalation. Beijing has been pushing hard to discredit the protest movement, an effort that has met with limited success. But could this be the ultimate coup by the protesters to win back the sympathy of all Hong Kongers and rejuvenate the movement?

Then again, shortly after the shooting occurred, Beijing was already trying to paint the protesters as ruthless murderers.

For a few more thoughts about Beijing and its economic vulnerabilities, check out this clip from Hyman Capital’s Kyle Bass:



  1. Fortunately for the boy shot on his chest, he survived and is recovering.

    However, there are some debates on what he is doing before he was shot and how the police treat him.
    The police (who always telling lies) said he was charging a policeman with a sharpened metal pipe, so the policeman have no option but to shot him on his chest. However:
    – the policeman was holding a M870 shotgun with bean bag rounds on the other hand;
    – he was seen charging to the screen with his revolver already drawn;
    – the stick that was used to bit that policeman is actually just a short piece of plastic pipe.
    Immediately after the shot
    – a first-aider go immediately towards the boy to try offering help. Who was than pressed on the ground by another policeman.
    – the boy was able to cry for help and say his name to nearby reporters.
    – policemen tries to scare everyone away before attending the wound.
    – it is 3 minutes after the shot policeman start to tend the wound. The boy become critical.
    – as the linked video shows, the original stick which lays besides were ignored, and a policeman pick another longer grey stick as evidence against the boy.
    – the bullet (.38 Hollow Point) was found resting just 30mm (about 1-1/4 Inches) away from his heart.

    The story didn’t end there…
    – The boy was charged “Participating a riot”
    – CY Leung, the former Chief Executive of HKSAR, send a letter to the principle of the school the boy went and ask them to expel the boy from the school. The school denied.


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