Optic Mount of the Week: Scalarworks LEAP/MAG

Old annoying mount

Previously I talked about the Samson Aimpoint 3X magnifier mount I had. It was a minimal viable product. Sharp edges I cut my self on, repeatedly. When open it just sort of flopped around. It was very slow to attach or remove from a rifle. Quite frankly, it sucked. It made me not want to use the magnifier I own. This month I had decided to buy several of the items I wanted, and to sell of a bunch of stuff I wasn’t using. One of the items higher up on that list was a replacement for that damned Samson mount.

I was looking around at the multiple of options and quite a few people said that the Scalarworks mount is the very best. Once I saw the price tag, I had figured it had to be the very best since it was one of the most expensive options. I was pretty hesitant to shell out the money for it. If they are going to charge that much, it had damn well better be the best option out there.

This mount came vacuum sealed in a box with a clearly printed instruction card, and a hex drive torx wrench for the screws.

The ring is hinged at the top and bolted at the bottom. This makes for installing the magnifier very easy.

Instead of a cross bolt or throw level, Scalarworks mount uses a flush ratcheting knob. It is easy to use and the clicks are very positive. Loud too. The clamp is captive so it won’t come apart when you remove this from a weapon.

Lots of laser markings on the bottom. Looks like the individual units might be serialized.

Using this mount, like the factory Aimpoint mount, will require you to remove the rubber from the front of the Aimpoint magnifier cover. Don’t forget to degrease the inside of the ring and the outside of the magnifier before installation.

Putting the magnifier in the mount was very easy.

You can install the magnifier in the mount either direction, so you can have it flip left, or flip right. The clamping wheel will be on the side opposite of which it flips.

The Scalarworks LEAP/MAG mount is very quick to install or remove. Just give the knob a few turns. Not as fast as a throw lever, but fast enough.

The mount is very simple to use, and extremely small and light.

As for the flip to side, it is awesome. Unlike the sad and floppy Samson mount, this one has two ball detents securing it in the open or closed position. It takes a firm movement to flip the magnifier. Not hard, just firm. I can shake the rifle with the magnifier in place or flipped and it won’t move. I can pick up the rifle by the magnifier and shake it with out it moving out of the position it is in. Only with rotational movement then I can easily flip it in or out of place.

Now I haven’t used all the options out there, so I can not say if this is “the best” option out there. But it is damned good. I am glad I sold that old floppy Samson and upgraded.


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