Review: Kinetic Energy Tools Brass Deflector


About 2 weeks ago Mike Weiss from KET reached out to us and asked if we would like to try his Brass Deflector. We said yes, so he quickly mailed us one.

This Brass Deflector is very simple, and folds up small. It came in a little zip lock bag.

Opening the bag, you will find two clips and body of the deflector, and a zip lock covered bar or arm. Also a KET velcro patch.

The support arm in the photo is folded up in the deflector body.

You choose between the two clips. The black clip is for clipping onto a rail, the tan clip is to clip onto a scope. Pick the appropriate clip and slide the arm onto it.

The arm has Velcro on both sides giving plenty of flexibility in how you mount it.

I think it is really cool how they made their logo patch Velcro, so you can remove it and run your own moral patch if you wanted to.

I found the black clip for railed uppers also worked great on fixed carry handle uppers.

It is not a brass catcher it is a brass deflector. Due to it being Velcro you can adjust it as you see fit. I found I could have it drop brass right beside while I shot. I could angle it slightly to control where the brass went, if I wanted to have them thrown forward to backwards. It is so light I didn’t noticed that it was there when I used the gun, and could nearly instantly snap it on of off.

The larger clip easily worked on my 30 and 34mm scopes. It even allowed me to use the brass deflector on odd setups.

Now I know some of you guys probably think that collecting up brass at the end of the day is the most fun part of a range session and having the brass end up in a nice little pile beside you would take all the fun out of that, but for everyone else, this is a cool product.

Now if I had just seen this online, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second though. Having used it, I’m going to keep one around. It is so light and small that it takes negligible space in the range bag. Very easy to adjust and to clip on and off. It is light and doesn’t get in the way during run and gun. It keeps me from having to search around and hunt down my good brass.

It took a little adjustment, I found between the two clips and the Velcro I could get this to work all my ARs. I don’t think you could get it to work on an AK or some of these other guns with low sights and or right side charging handles.

If you are tired of chasing your brass around, get one of these.

KET website is and you can buy their Brass Deflector on Amazon.


    • I have a hat in my range bag for that purpose, but it only worked on a few of the guns that have scopes. Also it stays close enough that sometimes a case can get kicked back into the action and cause a malfunction.


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