Capco A2 upper – Part 2 – Range Report


If I were naming a company, I wouldn’t use the name Capco as I think it would be too easy for people to accidentally or intentionally drop an R into the name.

I know some people like to see all the various stampings and forge marks. Here is the front sight base:

I work up early yesterday morning , first thought was to go back to bed, but instead I went to the Range with the Capco A2 upper on my Colt AR15A4 lower and some other items. Right before I got to the range, I realized I left my range bag at home. Of course, the thought entered my mind first was, “I could turn around, go back home, and go back to bed. But I realized I had a couple of targets, ear and eye protection, so I could still do what I wanted to do with the A2.

I had printed off a couple of M16A2 25m zeroing targets. The Army would zero the M16A2 at 25 meters using 8/3+1. The USMC would zero at 36 yards using the 8/3 setting. Since I was just trying to start with a rough zero, I started at 25 yards with the intent to fine tune at farther distances. I set the sight to 8/3+1 and I know that I am not getting a proper long distance zero using 25 yards. But as I said, I wanted to make sure I was on paper and that there would be no major issues or deviations at longer distances.

As I had left my tape and stapler at home, I use abandoned shootnc patches to hold up my targets.

Not a good group, but well enough I can learn and adjust from it. I ignore the high round and looked at the 2 close together. I make an adjustment of 3 clicks left on the rear sight and 6 clicks up on the front sight. Then I fire 3 more rounds.

Once again I had one round high. I’m curious if that was the first shot from each group, but I don’t know as I didn’t bring a spotting scope. Not a great group, but good enough that I know I will be on paper at longer distances. I’m tempted to bring it up a click and left a click, but I’ll leave the sights set for where they are for now. It is sometimes recommended that it is best for your group to be in the bottom half of the white circle in the zeroing target. Though, that advise is generally said for the M4.

Previously I set the rear sight on my rifle so that it bottoms out on 8/3-3 for a 100 yard setting. Some advocate setting the adjustment so it will go to 8/3-4 so that the 8/3-3 will be more consistent. I would think that metal on metal contact of the sight bottoming out would be as consistent as one could get. But I certainly see some merit to their argument. If it is bottoming out, it might not be fully moving into place.

8/3-3 for 100 yards

I set up a target at 100 yards, and fired a 5 shot group.

Well, that is a crap group. Here was I was thinking about packing up and going home to go back to sleep, or putting up a new target and never mentioning this one to anyone. I generally figure that M855 should deliver a 2 MOA group and if I am doing worse than that it is my fault. I have had some lots of M855 that didn’t seem to shoot very good, what I shot yesterday is not one of those lots.

While is the group is terrible, I can still learn from it. Each shot I fired felt like a good shot, so I’m not going to discount any of them. I’d say that the center of the group is right of the center of my point of aim, and the group is about 4 inches high.

I gave the rear sight 1 click left for 1/2 inch left adjustment at 100 yards. Front sight clicks are 1 1/4 MOA, so I did 3 clicks down in order to bring the group 3 3/4 inches down. Then I fired another 5 shot group.

I had an odd experience. I often have issues with my glasses fogging up. Usually the center fogs up so I have to wipe them off or use the sides of the lenses. As I shot this next group, the side of lenses fogged up giving me tunnel vision so I could only see the sight picture. Never had that happen to me before. I called the 3rd shot as pulled left.

Now that is more like it. Not quite as good as I would like, but close to acceptable. I figure the shot to the left is that 3rd shot of the group that I called as being left. If I ignore the shot to the left, the group is ok, and I could likely go a click up in adjustment. If I do a click up, it should bring the group 1 1/4 inches up.

But I think I’ll wait. Next time I shoot 200 meters, I’ll fine tune the rifle zero at that distance.

I did a little off hand rapid fire at 50 yards shooting at clay pigeons left on the berm. That was for fun and to double as a function check. It has been some time since I’ve done rapid fire with an A2. I had no malfunctions or issues with the Capco M16A2 upper.

Then I went home and went back to sleep. It was a good day.


  1. Howard, hopefully I’m not teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, but I find that pulling my shooting glasses off my face just a millimeter or two gets rid of any fogging I get.

    • I try to listen to all the advise I can get.
      A lot of things help, but I’ve never found anything that worked consistently to prevent it for me. From the anti-fog coatings, to using spit, etc.
      I’ve tried contacts, but then I gotta wear eye pro over the contacts which then fog up.
      Worst was when night vision would fog up on me.
      Still, I’ll take hot and humid over cold anytime.
      Thanks John.


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