The Colt 1/7 Twist M16A1 Barrel


A few days ago I talked about guns I wished I could buy. One of the things I talked about was the rare Colt M16A1 barrel with a 1/7 twist. I have wanted one of these for years ever since I learned they existed. It was made for export model rifles and not sold here in the US on any commercial model.

I love the idea of the M16A1 or SP-1 rifle but with the 1/7 twist. Being able to shoot the full range of modern high performance ammo through the retro rifle has a pretty big appeal to me. Of course I could buy some other maker’s barrel. But I would not demean myself ( kidding. Not really though). The idea is to keep it 100 percent Colt.

Yesterday while on one of my periodic searches for one, I happened to find a place selling two.

hen’s teeth

I have lusted for one of these for so long I can’t even tell you. Am I going to buy this one? I would love to. But not for the 1,000 plus bucks the seller is asking for it, That’s absurd as I have seen them sell for 500 or less in the past a few times. Always about 5 minutes before I found them of course. * Sad trombone noises*.

One day I will get one. And I will put it on my SP1 and proceed to shoot 77 grain MK262 ammo through it.


  1. Funny I was asking my pops about this older AR he has yesterday. It’s a carbine SP-1 with a .223 1/7 marked barrel. Made me think of your post.

    • yeah the carbine A1 profile barrels in 1/7 twist are much easier to find, there is even a current model with the original profile barrel in 1/7 twist for carbines. Dat 20 inch tho !


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