Cyrus Target


Matej Kurbel CEO and founder of Cyrus Target contacted us about the announcement of the Cyrus Target.

The Cyrus Target projects an interactive video onto the target backer. The target reacts to the noise and shot placement of the user. MSRP is $7000, and it looks like the creator is trying to raise funds on indiegogo to start production.

I think it is an interesting idea, but I imagine most of us are not going to shell out 7 grand for one, especially when compared to the cost of traditional paper targets.

I would worry about how well a projector would work out doors, but it looks like they are going to have a sun shade on the top and sides of the target. Something I think would be most beneficial in a system like this is that you could use all the tech used in modern video games when setting up scenarios and reactions. The old campy police training videos were made by filming an “actor” and there would be very little deviation in how things could play out. A digital system playing an artificially created scenario could be set up to play out in infinitely different ways. If you were going to be shooting at a photo-realistic model of a deer, you could have a simulation give you a random distance, angle, etc. You could have an infinite variety of training scenarios. But, due to the cost, I’ll stick with paper targets.


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