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We all know by now two nut cases decided to do what kooks do over the weekend. If not for those evil black rifles and the one thing even more evil, Orangeman, there would be no more homicide in the world. And as usual we continue to chronicle that gun free world with this on going column started by our departed friend Kevin O’Brien.

A 21-year-old Pasadena man is now facing charges following what police describe as a deadly assault on his pregnant wife late Saturday afternoon. Deadly assault? must have been with a weapon of war.

Alex Guajardo was not present at the probable cause hearing Sunday.

Reports say Guajardo admitted to stabbing his wife Caitlynne, who was 16-weeks pregnant, in the stomach because he didn’t want anyone else raising their child.

Investigators say she was stabbed approximately 20 times.

Neighbors say the victim was pregnant and they heard screams coming from the apartment.

Court documents say he was arrested for family violence against his wife on Wednesday, and was not supposed to be near her due to a protective order. That really worked didn’t it? Though I have to wonder if the wife let him come back despite the PO as they often do..

He was later released on bond and returned Saturday to their Pasadena apartment. Our legal system at work folks. No need for a gun, the system will protect you!

Reports say Guajardo called the police himself after the stabbing and waited at the scene until officers arrived. He must have had a stab of conscience.

After medics attempted CPR at the scene, Caitlynne was transported to the hospital where she died. And the unborn child. Lets not forget that, though I’m sure the urinalist is likely of a political leaning that would not want to recognize that.

Neighbors said they heard screams coming from the upstairs apartment in a complex. And did nothing apparently since the killer had to call the cops on himself.

“They had an argument, a family dispute,” said neighbor Manuel Hernandez. “But it became worse than that. People got killed.”

“All I know is he’s sick and to take his wife… and he knows she’s having a baby,” said neighbor Rineo Cavillo.

According to neighbors, he also killed his wife’s cat that day. Man! that’s just mean. I joke but reality is in some quarters that cat’s death would cause more sympathy.

“He stabbed something, put it in a dumpster and that’s when the police came. She called them and they went in the dumpster and pulled out a bag. She called them and I think that’s what escalated to this,” Cavillo said. What’s the over under of him getting charged with animal cruelty but not for two separate murders?

Pasadena police plan a news conference to discuss the case on Monday. They sure like doing press conferences these days don’t they?



  1. Hmmmm….,Britain seems to have “solved” the knife problem with their bins.

    Of course,the bins will not hold a I believe a katana used this weekend on some poor soul there,but,they are trying!

  2. Bumpfiring assault knife of war!
    Just ban marriage.. problem solved..
    Sorry for trolling.. but antiguns will never understand how ridiculous they are..


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