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Ugh, Fedex

A gun is being shipped to me via Fedex, signature required.

At first Fedex said it would be delivered Monday (today). Then they said it would be delivered Saturday (2 days ago). It was loaded on the truck and I cancelled my plans spent all day Saturday waiting for it to arrive. They didn’t bother to deliver it.

The attempt to deliver it today fails because I was at work. As expected, Fedex leaves a door tag. I expect to drive over to the Fedex hub and pick up the package in person after the trucks return.

Nope. They won’t let me to do that. I either have to let them fail to deliver it 3 times, then they will hold it. Or I can have them drop the gun off at a Walgreens so I can pick it up from the Walgreens. If I desired, I could spend money to have it delivered to a different address.

So. . . my gun is going to be delivered to Walgreens and sit there until I can pick it up.

This whole affair is pissing me off. I find every interaction I have ever had with Fedex has been a bad on.

Still, I suppose it could be worse. Twice UPS delivered guns of mine to my neighbors.

1 thought on “Ugh, Fedex”

  1. The worst idiocy occurs here in the rural west, where services like DHL can hand off your package to the USPS. I’ve ordered things like powder/primers, paid the hazmat, gotten it shipped via DHL and had them finish the shipment via USPS.

    My local postmaster, who was a reloader as well, looked at the shipment and said “I don’t see anything – but don’t get hazmat shipped via DHL again.”


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