I did not intend to do another one of these so soon. But this story came to my attention and I couldn’t let it go.

ARLINGTON, Texas – An Arlington police officer accidentally shot and killed a woman while he was trying to stop an aggressive dog. This is not an onion or Babylon bee article I promise

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner has identified the woman as 30-year-old Margarita Brooks. She had apparently passed out in a grassy area near Canton Drive and North Collins Street Thursday afternoon. Someone called police around 5 p.m. for a welfare check.

Police said as a responding officer called out to Brooks and approached her to check on her, an unrestrained dog began barking and running toward him. Hooo boy! we know where this is going! Of course its reasonable to pull out the old peacemaker and start shooting at it in an area with tall grass where you have already been told some one is laying, Some one you are supposed to be there to help. How many safety rules have been violated at this point?… Come on man. he had to get it on!

He pulled out his weapon and fired several shots at the dog. He then heard the woman scream and realized she’d been hit. Somebody did an oopsie!

Brooks was taken to the hospital where she later died. 

The dog was possibly grazed and taken to the Arlington animal shelter to be checked out, police said. He couldn’t even hit the dog. The woman he came to check on to make sure she was safe, he killed. He didn’t even make a solid hit on the dog. At least some one made it out alive from this idiot. These are the people the clueless think will be there to save them.

“I thought maybe somebody had heat exhaustion because it was so hot. So when I got back over to the room, I talked to some other people and they said they heard gunshots, like 2 or 3 of them. And I’m like, ‘Oh okay.’ So then when I kept hearing the police sirens. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, something serious happened,'” said Latonya Stotts, who lives nearby. Better deductive reasoning than the TOP. MAN. They should hire her.

Stotts said a lot of people in her neighborhood seem to be upset about what happened. Yeah , they should be. They should be really upset. She said she doesn’t believe the woman was a threat and thinks there was no excuse for the officer to kill her like that, she said. Sure there was, there was a dog and he wanted a kill.

“It’s kind of touching people’s hearts. A lot of people are very upset about what happened. The young lady and her fella was really nice people. They never really bothered anybody. Whatever the case had been today, whatever happened today that gave that officer a reason to kill her just doesn’t make no sense. And it’s just sad. It’s really sad,” she said. I don’t think he meant to kill her. I will not attach malice to pure refined drooling stupidity. His evil is a result of his cosmic stupidity.. One of the most mundane manifestations of daily evil in our lives. Not from some arch villain who woke up looking for some situation to turn into an excuse to kill a person he was supposed to be helping.

The incident was captured on body camera, which will be included in the investigation.

It’s unclear if the officer will face any charges. Of course not. The King’s Men do not have to live by the same rules as the peons.


  1. There are very different rules for the King’s Men here in California, they are a different and superior Caste.

    1) they can buy ( And resell) firearms that are not on the “Approved List” such as a 1911 made by Colt.
    2) Many jurisdictions have agreed to the “Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights”, of which there are several variations.
    I had a conversation with a Sheriff’s Deputy about the LEO Bill of Rights that came close to getting me arrested for contempt of cop.
    He’s a big fan of the Bill and told me it was absolutely essential for the protection of Police Officers.
    When I asked him if he thought the same rights should be extended to ordinary Citizens he told me it would make enforcing the law impossible…
    When I told him what he wanted was the establishment of a formal caste system and that the Constitution guaranteed equal rights to all he told me I had better learn to watch my mouth.
    If there hadn’t been a number of witnesses with cell phones present I suspect I’d have had a rough time of it.

    • I suggested that police training could be improved once on Facebook in a group I was in with a cop. The cop absolutely flew off the handle at me. He was seriously unhinged and if I’d been his supervisor, I probably would have called him in for a well check or sent him to the shrink or something. As someone who lives and works in the city where this guy is (was?) a sworn officer, it really made me pause.

  2. Somebody needs to get a handle on policing in this country. The fact of the matter is that our police shoot way too many people. Some people need to get shot by the cops, but lots and lots of people don’t.

    In my opinion, one of the great tragedies of the Black Lives Matter movement is that it took an issue that cuts across all color lines in this country and made it a needlessly divisive racial issue. By poisoning the well like that, they probably set police reform back by a generation.

    Hognose used the analogy of the NTSB investigating airplane accidents, which I think is apt. The NTSB has investigative authority over all airplane crashes in the US, and it’s a non-judicial process. They are there to discover the root causes of the accident and make recommendations back into the system for how to prevent future accidents, and their findings are not allowed to be used in either civil or criminal law proceedings. This helps people be forthcoming even if it doesn’t satisfy our short-term thirst for vengeance. A similar approach would help policing in this country quite a bit, IMO.


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