A woman has been given a suspended death sentence for murdering her lesbian ex-lover by stabbing her nearly 200 times following an argument in a Hunan hotel. I think she was serious.


On January 29, 2018, the 29-year-old woman, given the pseudonym Fang Yao, chased her former girlfriend, a 26-year-old woman given the pseudonym Wang Lei, down to the lobby of the hotel in the city of Yongzhou from the 10th floor, slashing her with a knife inside the elevator. Ask any police officer and they will tell you that domestic disputes between gay couples are especially vicious. I don’t know why this is.. ahem. I have observed this myself while working for a investigator for the public defender and have a story about this for another time.

By the time that police had arrived, Fang had fled and Wang was dead at the scene. An autopsy found that the victim had suffered 196 stab wounds. Police also determined that the death was the result of stab wounds..

The two had been childhood friends, coworkers at a hospital, as well as lovers. However, Wang’s father told reporters that the couple had broken up the preceding year because Fang had continued to ask his daughter to lend her money to fuel her gambling addiction. I think we see the possible real reason for this knife violence.

Wang is said have lent Fang hundreds of thousands of yuan. She met Fang at the hotel after Fang promised to sign an IOU. Yes, love turned to hate can be a powerful thing that drives some insane irrational behavior. Ownig some one a hell of a lot of money and not wanting to pay it back seems to be right up there on the scale of popular reasons to murder some one. Love/money/drugs. It always comes back to those three things.

For Wang’s murder, Fang was given a suspended death sentence which means that her sentence will be commuted to life imprisonment as long as she does not commit any crimes in the next two years.

The sentencing was made in December but has recently made headlines as Wang’s family have publicly called instead for Fang’s execution, arguing that she deserves to die for such a violent and horrific murder. I think we can all agree with the family on this one.

An appeal has been filed and the family is currently awaiting a date for the second trial.


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