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Rat Or Rock & Hard Place?

This is making the rounds today. Word is a guy brought this M2 into a gunsmith who then very stupidly, took it apart, took photos and in a an inspired bit of cosmic idiocy, posted it all over his social media. He then turned the owner in to the feds. Boot lickers gonna boot lick I suppose. Some seem to be positive it was a ATF sting. Either way, old boy’s business facebook page is not down the memory hole from the response he got. Probably came as a shock to him how unsympathetic his customer base was to his actions.

6 thoughts on “Rat Or Rock & Hard Place?”

  1. Hate seeing these things. If he recognized it and didn’t want to transfer it back or whatever should have just refused it. Told the guy he was never there or some such.

    On a side note I think we have a new candidate for “Know your Fudd”

  2. The issue is whether or not he ever logged it in his A&D book. If he did, I can see his concern. However, if he truly is a 30 year gunsmith, dumb shit should have known it was a M-2 when he first saw it.

  3. Well, since I wasn’t there, I won’t comment on the legal aspects of this situation.

    A gunsmith can refuse a gun coming in. I’ve refused SBR’s when the owner forgot their paperwork. Never even touched the piece, just said “OK, that’s NFA, do you have the forms with you? No? Well then, please come back when you have the paperwork.” No entry in the bound book. No fingerprints on the piece. No constructive knowledge that the piece doesn’t have any paperwork at all. I didn’t ask if they had papers on the piece, just whether they had the paperwork with them. That’s all I need to know.

    And on another issue: There’s no such designation as “master gunsmith.” I’ve never known where or why that appellation ever came about, and I’m somewhat suspicious of people who use that term in describing themselves. I’ve studied under a gentleman who started working in a “best gun” shop in Birmingham, England at the age of 16, and was still gunsmithing when he was in his 80’s. If anyone could have called himself a “master gunsmith,” he could have, but he thought such adjectives were BS as well. As this gentleman liked to point out, he didn’t know much about lots of other guns than the types he worked on. It’s impossible to know everything about every type of gun. There just isn’t enough time in a lifetime to really know all guns. You have to specialize if you’re going to become very good at just one type of gun… eg, you could specialize in Colt revolvers, and even that would fill your head with arcane information.

    • This case aside, I’d take “master gunsmith” the same way I’d take “master” any kind of trade. Are there formal certifications or promotions from apprentice to journeyman to master in other trades like carpentry, watchmaking or plumbing?

  4. And here i thought my old gunsmith sucked. This guy is soooo much worse than the smith that broke a stock to an SVT40. But to do this? Complete BS. And then to top it off, he posted it on fakebook? WTF?!? Seems like we can be our worst enemies because of some unconstitutional laws and the adherence to those unconstitutional laws. Hope he burns in hell.


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