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Some people just don’t want to let go. One man found our just how attached to him his GF was when he tried to break it off with her. turns out she was nuts. A whole bag of crazy you could say.

An Illinois woman stabbed her boyfriend’s genitals last month because he tried to break up with her, police said Wednesday.

The 43-year-old boyfriend told police he had tried to break up with his 30-year-old girlfriend and she apparently refused.

The woman grabbed the man in a “bear hug,” from which he broke free, said Decatur Police Officer Tim Wittmer. She then grabbed her boyfriend’s genitals and began to “pull and tug at these body parts to the point that it was painful,” Wittmer added.

She did not take the break up well. So she did the only thing she could think of to win him back. Castration. Not satisfied with having his balls in her purse figuratively, she attempted an impromptu vasectomy.

The boyfriend felt a “very sharp pain” and “observed a large laceration on his scrotum area,” Wittmer said. He added that the wound was “five to six (inches) in length” and “half-an-inch deep.” lol sure pal, sure. Then again.. maybe that’s why she didn’t want to let him go.

Hey, I know you are upset but no need to hit below the belt like that. Women, always wanting to take half your stuff amirite?


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