5.56 Timeline


It’s ” know your fudds Friday ” again and the good men over at Gun Grabber Memes facebook page have published more of the weekly civil defense enemy ID cards.

Keep your eyes peeled! Even your own neighbor could be a fudd!

1 thought on “KNOW YOUR FUDDS 4”

  1. First off am not a felon ect. though given todays laws in theory most commit 3 felonies a day/seems more laws passed daily.

    The fudd I disdain the most is the “I am law abiding fudds”.The 2nd,a reaffirmation of birth right,says nothing about being “law abiding”,the founders would today be executed or in Guantanamo.You are not in jail,you have the birth right to self defense.Keep true criminals in jail(some perhaps just kill,i.e. proven rapists ect.)but otherwise spare me the “law abiding BS.

    You start making exceptions to the 2nd as we have as a country you are well on the path to no firearm ownership(legally).

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