Misc chatter


I visited several gun shops today. I was surprised none of them stocked a Gen 5 Glock 19 MOS.

There was a picture of a half track in an Independence Day Parade that was done yesterday. That reminds me of a story I overheard. The one old guy was telling the other that he had a vault built into his house and a huge gun collection. Someone cut into the vault and stole all the collectible guns. So, when the insurance check came in, he decided to buy a half track. Said someone wouldn’t be able to steal that.

I dunno, I think it would be easier to drive a half track away.

It is nice to have higher capacity mags. I don’t care for the Glock 33 round mags as they are a little overly long. I’ve wanted about a 20-25 round mag for the glocks. When Magpul came out with their 21 round mag for the Glock in 9mm I got one. Mine has been completely unreliable. There is a great deal of play in the mag, especially noticeable if you use it in the smaller guns. And the follower binds in the mag. I don’t have these issues with Glock OEM mags.


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