Gettysburg Battlefield Pics 3

me at yankee center objective of “Pickett’s charge

wall as seen while attacking
spot where General Hancock was wounded and was refused to be carried off the battlefield. Hancock’s early actions during the first days of the battle were decisive.
canon on cemetery ridge
the approach up Little Round Top while walking the yankee line
ground covered by CSA to try to make it to the top
view of most of the battlefield and ground from Warren’s position on Little Round Top. It’s obvious how he saw it as a critical position that dominates the area
me on little round top. looking down the yankee line and cemetery ridge in the distance, beyond the trees behind the statue is where Hancock was when wounded
20th Maine position
Devil’s Den

I will have more up tomorrow. I know some will want to see pictures taken from the position of the Army Of Northern Va , it is yankeeland however and sad to say, they didn’t bother to put much up for the CSA men. I will put up the rest of the pictures tomorrow. More from around Devil’s Den and the few from the CSA position. I ran out of camera battery by the time I got there and a major ice storm was starting so we had to follow Master Lee’s example and make a strategic withdraw. This was Jan. 2014 and a major snow and ice storm began a short time After he last pictures were taken and withing a few hours it was covered in ice and snow. Driving on in to Philadelphia from Gettysburg in the dark was so nerve wracking it took 5 years off our lives.


  1. Great stuff. I’ve been to Little Big Horn, Shiloh and Chickamauga, and this and Vicksburg are high on my list.

    And I totally understand about retreating before an ice storm; living in MN…


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