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Gettysburg battlefield Pics 2

Continuing with the pictures today to recognize the anniversary.

Main monument on Yankee side, you can climb to the top and view most of the field
one angle of the view from monument

A few monuments around the area today. I will continue with more tomorrow with more if you all enjoyed these last two days.

4 thoughts on “Gettysburg battlefield Pics 2”

  1. These are wonderful.

    I was taken to see Gettysburg when I was really too young to appreciate the details and the history of the area, and your pictures are giving me more appreciation for a battle about which I’ve read extensively, but have never been able to appreciate properly because most of the pictures extant are from a historian’s or tourist’s perspective – rather than a soldier’s. Your high angle picture there, and the pictures of the Slaughter Pen, show that your choice(s) of angle, perspective, location and focus are clearly influenced by your military experience.

    Looking at your pictures, all I can think is “what a slaughter…” as those men marched across that all that open ground towards their deaths. What is more appalling is that WWI seems to show that no one learned a thing from the losses at Gettysburg.

    I had a similar experience when I went to see the site of The Battle of the Greasy Grass or Custer’s Last Stand. I’ve read of this extensively, but it isn’t until one sees the ground where this happened, and walked over the ground, that one appreciates what a gold-plated idiot Custer was.


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