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8 thoughts on “Some Old Guns Adverts. (Those Were The Days)”

  1. shortly after i got out of the army in 1962, i could have bought a Thompson for 250. transfer tax made it too expensive… what? i was poor!

  2. When I was a kid, it seemed as tho the supply of .30-06 surplus ammo, and P1917 Enfields, 1903/A3’s, Enfield MkIV’s, Mausers, etc would never, ever dry up. You’d go into gun shops and gunsmith nooks, and you’d find wooden barrels with a couple dozen WWII bolt action rifles from all over the world, muzzle-down, with various prices on them, all under $200 and some under $100. When I was a kid, you could get Sears & Roebuck to send you a M1 Carbine for under $100. Send you. In the mail. Right to your door.

    But here in the last 15 years, I’ve watched prices of all of the above climb like a homesick angel.

    My one regret was trading in a M1 Carbine on a Savage .17 HMR rifle. Stupid, stupid, stupid me.

    • When the 8mm dried up, some of the guys with machineguns and money rebarreled to .30-06 and started buying the ammo by the pallet. That dried up that surplus rather fast.

    • as a teenager I bought a M1 carbine for 79 bucks.Mausers got 69.99. MKIII enfields for well under 100 and all the .303 and 8mm and 7x57mm ammo you would ever want


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