I know some of the hands on gun review and project stuff has slowed down recently, But is is coming. Nearly 3 weeks of rain and thunderstorms then some other things have slowed down several projects that are ongoing for the site. Just wanted to update you on that. Today is another severe thunderstorm/lightening day. So I’m going to do another scattered shots random things that caught my eye recently.

This first picture is a very cool gun owner by friend of the website and all around cool guy Stuart Palmer. You may recognize it from a little known obscure film called “Blade Runner”.

“he say you brade runna”

This is a gun that is from another media franchise from the 80s. Not seen these days and not very accurate. A friend owns one of these he bought in the early 80s and I been trying to get him to loan it to me for a few years now. If I get my hands on it I will absolutely give a full review of it and play act my favorite episodes of The A-Team by shooting at a man sized target 5 foot away and still missing.

This is the coolest thing I have seen this month. or at least the thing I saw that I lusted for the most. The all brass cleaning rod and tool set for issue out to GIs issued the M1911 pistol.

if you ever run across even a single 1911 cleaning rod that is brass like this on ebay be sure to contact me and let me know.

above is the more common version.

I ran across this picture on facebook shared by a veteran of MACVSOG. These two guys really were innovators.

Above is a very nice “clone” of a Colt 601. The parts are almost all original save for the lower and the full auto control parts that would get the owner in trouble. The owner even managed to track down one of the original bayonets.

Below is a very nice collection of all the major retro variants with bayonets.

The below picture is of an experimental storage drum for M1911s that was proposed to be used to store pistols after WW2. It held about two dozen pistols plus two mags each. The top is glass but only for display purposes. I’d like to own that drum full of surplus M1911s.

Last is a funny little meme I found some where. It’s funny precisely because it is true.

I have to say that the ammo is usually fine to use as long as your gun isn’t an El Jefe special


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