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7 thoughts on “KNOW YOUR FUDDS”

  1. Cliff is the “classic” Fudd but they all claim to be “gun guys” while being perfectly willing to throw other parts of the gun community under the bus.

    Save us from the humorless literalists…

  2. You need a classification for former military who support gun control and who give interviews to the press, using their “qualifications” and “expertise” as former military, classifying AR’s as “weapons of war.” Let’s start with Mark Kelly, for a starter.

    I can attest I have heard a couple of former SEALs place themselves on that list, too.

    These are the most odious people in the gun debate, IMO, because they swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the US. Anti-gun cops are the second most odious.

    • I had one for that kind of vet but it was shared all over social media already so I declined to repeat it here. Probably should have added though


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