A tale of two NDs


Over in the news, in North Carolina a woman shot her self while at a Ruby Tuesdays. She ended up dying from her wound. I suppose that is one way to get out of paying a bill. Or maybe Ruby Tuesdays was just that bad.

I dunno, but there is another story to share about someone shooting them selves.

There is a long write up by a man who shot him self in the leg with his shotgun. Now we could easily start working through his story and try and make our selves feel better by pointing out his mistakes and saying that we would never do that. Instead lets give it a serious read and let his suffering be a lesson for us. I can learn from my mistakes, but I’d rather learn from some one else’s screw ups.

Never hurts to have a reminder of how bad we can screw up in an instant.


  1. Ouch.
    I had an ND 49 years ago and fortunately the gun was pointed in a safe direction so no one was hurt.
    It was a lesson I took to heart.
    And I have witnessed three others, one where a bystander had their hair parted (Literally) by a bullet.
    All it takes is a moment of inattention or carelessness and the consequences can be fatal.
    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Hognose used to say that there are no new accidents with guns, just new people having old accidents.

    You don’t bet your life on a safety, but firearm up/safety off, firearm down/safety on is something everyone who uses a firearm with a safety should drill till they can’t do it wrong.

  3. Not a ND incident, but I had a guy today shooting a Mosin Nagant. at steel targets turn around 180 and muzzle me as I worked as RSO. Fortunately I had just watched him fire his round so I knew that the chamber was empty.
    He’ll not likely do that again.
    Mama Gump was right.


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