Sweetheart Grips


Since we are coming up on a pretty big anniversary regarding WW2 I thought I would touch on a few things leading up to it. One thing that I have always been interested in was the practice of “Sweetheart grips” by the various servicemen in WW2.

These grips are exactly what the name implies. Grips with pictures of their sweethearts on another type of sweetheart. From what I understand the grips were made by cutting and shaping up pieces of the plexiglass from scraped aircraft or some such and the picture placed underneath. Since the glass was clear you can then of course see the image.

As you can see in the above two pictures, there was a version of doing this but then having the wood grips over top covering the image. The original users of this gun had a picture of his wife on both sides as well as his unit insignia. The 2nd Armor Division. Which by chance also happened to be a unit my Dad belonged to before going into the 4th Infantry Division when sent to Vietnam. It would be very cool to buy an old M1911 and remove the grips to find something like this.

US&S belonging to Trey Moore, Owner of Mooremilitaria.com


  1. Nice!
    The geek version of this (USN nucs) also exists- look under the label plates on submarine reactor plant instrument meters and you’ll find this kind of thing. Usually it’s only safe to investigate on the mid-watch 0000-0600 but who knew the DC bus ground detector label plate had naughty pictures under it?

    I like the 1911 grip thing better, but you take your attitude wherever you can find it.

  2. I’ve heard if these a number of times but I’ve never seen a picture of someone in the field doing it. I wonder if it was more popular with support personel than combat. Or officer vs enlisted. (Which come to think of it makes sense since they had pistols at a much hire percentage of issuance and a lot fewer people to discipline them over it.)
    Want to make a pair of my own now.
    …then again not sure I want to see her face on there haha

    • now that you mention it, I have seen some pics of them in use in the field, I saw one of a tanker with a 1911 in a shoulder holster ( M3) with sweetheart grips and I saw one in a modified M1916 belt holster., I will try to find those and do a second post on them

      • Nice! would love to see them. Never fails that you will see photos like that all the time until you need them.
        I still have my eye out for that picatinny meme.


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