Teaser: GRSC 1-10X


The day before I got this in, I realized I don’t own any 35mm rings.

Expect a review in a couple of weeks, the rings I ordered were sent the extra slow way.

This scope comes in a nice box with a few accessories.

It comes with a sun shade, a honeycomb kill flash, a lens cleaning cloth and an additional CR2032 battery. Sony brand battery, not some unknown brand. The scope also comes with lens caps. Nice little additions.

It comes with a generic manual that appears to be translated from Chinese. Here are a few lines from it:

  • Do not attempt any work until the bun has been cleared and determined to be safe.
  • … and a round is mot in the chamber.
  • Maintain the meatal surface. . .

Over all the generic instructions are not too bad. Shawn and I are going to offer who ever wrote them a position as LooseRounds.com editor as they clearly can write better than us.

The main draw to this scope it its reticle and unfortunately the instruction do not cover that at all. Fred from GRSC recommends you to look at his website for further instruction.



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