Crimson Trace VF 302 M


Recently I got a package deal on a bunch of stuff. In that package was this Crimson Trace VF302 M vertical grip with IR laser grip.

Crimson Trace is best known for their lasers that they make for pistols. This is a solution they came up with that is a quick detach vertical grip that uses their Beretta 92F/M9 laser grip.

Some of the VF302 vertical forward grips used a thumb screw attachment. This one has an older, no stop, ARMS mount. It can be used by it self, or with any Beretta grip panels on it. The Crimson Trace Laser Grip mounted on it could be taken off and put on any Beretta 92, 96, or M9.

The laser grip in shown here is an IR model. The laser is only visible through night vision. With good 3rd generation night vision the laser dot is visible for several hundred yards at least.

It does what it is suppose to do, but it had a few minor issues. The laser grip is an older model that has already been replaced with a newer design. The Beretta isn’t know for having a small grip. Putting that same grip design as a forward grip on an AR is pretty awkward. With newer, more popular, higher support hand placements your hand will block the emitter.

It is just awkward enough an item that I wouldn’t recommend it.


  1. That is certainly a random set up. Looks like they were just trying to get something out to say that they did rather than an actual thought out product.

  2. looks just as cobbled together like my homemade gear when futzing around with ir lasers as illumination for gen2 night vision a few years ago.

    eventually gave up on that idea for ethical and legal reasons not wanting to blind nocturnal critters (and the occasional cv-22b et al)

  3. I have used a CTC VF 302 M on my SR-15 and have had no problems with it. However, I recently lost the tool to adjust the windage and elevation and have not been able to track down a replacement or even the size of the Allen wrench. Do you have information on this tool or, better yet, do you have one for sale?



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