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I’d been meaning to bring this up again for a while. I was reminded again when I was on a gun forum where people were posting their “bragging” pictures to show off how many guns they own.

Firearms mean different things to different people. For some it is a weapon, others a tool for hunting. Some buy them because they are collectible, or cool. For what ever reason, gun are a whole lot of fun.

But if we are concerned about serious usage, fighting, or survival, lets not forget the big picture.

If you are a pepper, don’t forgo food, money on hand, supplies, etc over an additional extra gun. There are a great deal of more plausible shit hits the fan (SHTF) scenarios then a prolonged gun fight.

Before you buy that 40th gun to add to the collection. Consider if you are lacking in other equipment like body armor, night vision, or silencers.

Some years back I had a friend tell me he had a gun to protect him self and his family from zombies. I asked him how much ammo he had and he replied 20 rounds. I commented how the 21st zombie would get him. I’ve had machinists tell me that if the SHTF they are going to turn their own silencer on a lathe. I challenge them if they know how to make their own night vision or lightweight body armor.

I love guns.
I love having a lot of guns.
But sometimes we might want to consider if there is something else we need before we add another gun to the stable.
Especially consider special equipment. For example, night vision. That would be much harder to obtain in the middle of a bad situation.
And, of course, don’t put your self in debt buying this stuff.


  1. Solid points. And know how to employ your gear too. Most people aren’t going to be commandos obviously but just simple practical experience goes far. Functioning in the IR spectrum is an immensely effective force multiplier but only if you’ve trained to do it. Adjusting your head gear, knowing your gear layout, shortfalls of your gear, etc.
    At the end of the day, if it comes down to the absolute worst situation, your best prepping plan is to take you and yours and just get the heck away from other people because no matter your opsec people know you’re a “gun person” and they’re going to either want what you have or you’re getting sent up the creek.

    • I didn’t mention training, but that is a major part of it. All the gear in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it.


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