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The SlumberJack Roadhouse Tarp

Last night a friend and I spent a little time on top of the mountain shooting his new issued Colt Commando and cooking over a fire. It started to rain a bit so he busted out this nifty tarp that is used with your vehicle.

It all comes in a nice little package and you of course get the poles with it as well as the tent stakes.

The tarp itself is draped over the back of a SUV on one end then open on the other.

You can adjust it for height and you can use one center pole to turn it into a A shaped tent. Buckles and straps are on the car end and you hook them through the top luggage rack and through the rim on each side rear tire to secure it. You then use the tent poles and tie down the securing rope to keep it stable.

It goes up fast and comes down fast. I really recommend this thing if you like this sort of thing.

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