2 fucking letters! 2 wrong letters in a setting cost me about 12 hours of work getting this running.

Anyways. We have another mirror of Weaponsman.com set up at Weaponsman.LooseRounds.com

I just got it up and running, so if you see any issues please post them as a reply to this thread.

The goal is still to get everything set up with the original domain name, but at the moment this is better than nothing.


  1. The site seems to be working well, from my skim through. I didn’t run into any dead links (apart from the external ones to old news articles, of course).

    Thank you so much for doing this.

    • Thanks.
      I had asked our hosts tech support for help when I couldn’t get the database imported. Then later I figured out a work around.
      So later, tech support saw my request and re-imported the database erasing the work I did.
      I have a few things to fix again, but I didn’t catch that. Thanks!

  2. Howard:
    You’re my hero. I thought that we were guaranteed by Hognose’s brother that his blog would remain available as a tribute to him, and a resource for our community, more or less in perpetuity. Any idea what happened?
    More importantly, you have done a great service. Thank you.

    • We are working with him. That we have a mirror up on weaponsman.looserounds.com is thanks to him. Things just have not gone as smoothly as we would have liked.
      We still do not have control over the weaponsman.com domain. Once we get access, we will restore it.

  3. Kudos to you both. Kevin wrote with great knowledge, great insight, great humor & great humanity. His words should stand for all time.


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