News from the first of April


Always cool new firearm news is announced around this time.

For example the new cartridge 7.6 Creedmoor.

7.6 Creedmoor .308 Win 7.62x51 ballistics 6.5 tactical PRS tacticool

The best thing about 7.6 Creedmoor is that you can use your current .308 bullets, brass, and dies. It is fully compatible with the .308 rifles you already have. Read more here:

Vortex Optics shows off their new Combat Optic Battle Ready Assistant:

The US Army announced the adoption of a new submachine gun, the first since the M3 Greasegun.

Yea, I don’t really believe it either. announced a new form of armor designed to provide protection for a buddy pair in a SWAT or military team. It can be used as static cover, or moved by the pair of operators to prove a movable barricade of protection from the enemy.

MOLLE comparable accessories will be available for it later.

Brownell’s finally caves to demand and is going to offer a semi auto minigun.

Brownell’s isn’t letting me link to their pictures, so I’ll share the text:

Based on the Dillon Aero M-134D, the BRN-134D Semi-Auto is a fully featured Minigun, less the 3,000rpm.  Operating on the same electrically driven motor and breech system, many components are backwards compatible with the Dillon Aero M-134D.  The BRN-134D is fed via disintegrating links, via the included feed chute, which connects to a 3,000 round canister.  Spent links are swiftly ejected out of the included ejection chute.  The six barrels chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO rotate to the next position with each press of the rear buttons.  The handy pedestal mount makes for comfortable shooting, and can easily be mounted to a variety of vehicles, especially your preferred truck.

The Brownells BRN-134D includes the following:
BRN-134D Minigun
Feeder & Delinker
Ammunition Feed Chute
Link Ejection Chute
Pedestal Mount
3,000 Round Canister with Motor
Six Chamber Flags
Optic not included.

It is not recommended to fire the BRN-134D unmounted from the included pedestal.  

Someone was listing M41A Pulse rifles, but sadly I’ve lost the link.


  1. I thought the new .mil SMG was an April Fool, but it’s real! I’m not opposed to the pistol-caliber carbine for certain civilian uses, but what can the military do with an SMG that they can’t do with an SBR AR-15 clone, either with or without a suppressor?


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