Surefire Legacy Video


Surefire made a little ad for their 40th anniversary. I think it is pretty good.

My first Surefire was a 6P with a P60 Lamp. It put out 65 lumens for an hour. That was such a major upgrade over the large bulky maglights. Unfortunately I was also good as losing them. I lost 3 over in Iraq. When I first got mine stateside, I showed it to a fellow Marine and the next weekend we went to the base PX and he bought one. He was impressed with the durability of it, and to test it, he chucked it out of his moving car while he was driving. Fortunately the 6P was on and the sun was setting so the bright light was easy to fine. His 6P did have a pretty good case of road rash from that.

Our hard use and abuse of Surefire lights just ramped up from there and the Surefires just ate it up and asked for more.


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