Recoil damaged night vision


Night vision devices are very tough, they are also very fragile.

This is a picture of damage to a night vision tube, where someone swapped out the weapon rated tube in a night vision scope with one that isn’t weapon rated. After firing a few shots, this is the permanent damage to this tube.

I’m not familiar with how night vision works, but most of these designs there are components that are right next to each other that will fail if they touch each other. Damage due to firearm recoil tends to be at the center of the field of view right where these layers can flex the most.

It is a real shame, as this was a really nice tube. Most of the newest night vision devices are not very durable regarding recoil. Something like a AN/PVS-14 should be able to handle a 5.56×45, but larger calibers (or even ones like .300BO) can damage it. Air rifles recoil differently than firearms and can cause night vision to fail.

If you are planning to weapon mount a night vision device, make sure the one you have is designed to handle it.


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