Arisaka Defense Scout Light Body and Side Scout Mount


I was sort of caught off guard when Shawn posted about Arisaka Defense the other day as I had just ordered a couple of items from them.

What I got was their mini scout light body and a mlok side scout light mount.

Surefire came out with the Scout weapon light design, and now several other companies make interchangeable parts for them. I picked up the mini scout light body from Arisaka so I could use some extra pieces I had to piece together another mini scout light. This copy does not have the mounting holes for the stock Surefire rail mount claim, but it will work with most any aftermarket scout light mount.

Top is a the Arisaka body, the bottom a stock scout light body.

The mlok offset mount pulled a scout light in close to the hand guard and allows you to offset the light up or down.

You can see the scout light is much closer to hand guard when using the Arisaka mount over a stock mount and rail section.

These are the first things I have purchased from Arisaka Defense and I like them. I would caution to shop around also. I was going to buy a mount for my M620 scout light, but I found Arisaka offering for that was more expensive than the price of the HSP Thorntail, so I went with a Thorntail for the M620 light.

Other than that particular case, Arisaka Defense was slightly cheaper than other options I looked into. Their stuff is well made, and worth getting.


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