AR6951 part 2


Previously I posted about the all fucked up Colt AR6951 9mm AR15 I received from the scammer David Smith of “Daves Guns” AKA bulletknife (

Lets recap. The problems are:

  • Bent charging handle
  • Loose functioning bolt catch
  • Incorrectly assembled stock latch
  • Crooked receiver extension
  • Cosmetically blemished upper receiver

We all make mistakes, I know I made one buying from David there. But I think a rifle shouldn’t leave the factory with that many mistakes.

I received the rifle on a Friday. I initially noticed the blemish and the binding charging handle. I figured that the charging handle just needed a little break it. I took it to the range the next day and found out that it wouldn’t break in. On the plus side, once a round was chamber, the gun ran great.

So Monday, I call Colt customer service and ask for a RMA. I had to wait on hold for about 15 minutes. When I finally got to talk to someone, they didn’t seem to believe the issues I was explaining. When I told them the S/N, they told me it was manufactured in 2015, and the CS rep was implying there would be no warranty. I told him the gun was new out of the box. He told me I would have to include a receipt and I told him I had one. The call ended with them telling me they would email me a shipping label.

I never got a shipping label.

It got me remembering the other times I contacted Colt over an issue. I had a gun where the taper pin fell out of the gas block. I called up Colt and asked for a replacement. It took a long time for the guy on the phone to understand that I was talking about a taper pin. He kept insisting I was talking about the gas tube pin. Finally when I got my point across he told me that wasn’t possible. Finally he said he would have one mailed out to me. I never got anything.

I also vaguely remember having a similar issue a long time ago, but the specifics escape me.

So after a week of waiting, a smart person would have called Colt back up and raised hell until they got a RMA. Not me, I decided I’m going to fix this stuff my self.

Charging handle was straight forward. Pull the old one, replace it. I borrowed a charging handle from another upper. Right there they would be enough to get the gun functioning. I tried to get a good picture of the bend in this charging handle, but the photos turned out terrible. I’ll try again some other time. But I did find something of note.

CAGE Code 13629

Fortunately for me this charging handle is marked with Colt Defense’s CAGE code. So I know it is a real Colt part that is fucked up. Some some substitute. In the past, there have been cases of dealers pulling Colt parts of the rifles and swapping them out with cheaper parts like DPMS. That way they could sell the Colt parts separately. In the past this was easy to catch as Colt marked their bolts and carriers. Now they are no longer marking the carriers with the Colt C.

The charging handle is arched down, so it is possible someone yanked up on while it was in the gun bending it. But the only time I have seen issues like that is when people have kicked open the action on a rifle with a stuck case.

On to the next issue.

The bolt catch was flopping around leading me to believe that there was no spring and detent for it. Fortunately I have spare parts laying around. Spare AR15 parts can be a dangerous issue as they have the chance to spontaneously assemble them selves into additional rifles. Fortunately that has only happened to me a half dozen times or so.

That is some glue residue in the hole, not a burr.

I was surprised to see the detent in there. I was also surprised as how much it kicked my ass trying to get it out. Normally that detent pops right out, and lands somewhere in the carpet where you can’t find it. Instead this one was stuck. I made a fancy technical drawing to show the issue:

First I expected to just be able to push it with a punch and have it pop out. That didn’t work. So I tried a magnet. That didn’t work. I tried seeing if I could glue a stick to it, first with hot glue, then epoxy. That didn’t work. The oiled curved surface would not let anything stick to it. I tried a more powerful magnet, nope. I then decided I would drill it out. The hand drill wouldn’t work as the drill bits were flexing off the curved top of this detent. I tool the lower to a machine shop. I still expected that a good magnet would pull it right out, so I was still surprised when the magnetic chuck still wouldn’t. I was forced to give up on magnets.

I stuck the lower in a milling machine and drive a carbide engraving bit into the detent. Then it popped right out.

Original on the left, replacement on the right.

Before I had it out, I figured that the spring was too short, or broken. When it finally came out, and was longer than the replacement I had, I was worried that the hole in the lower might have been drilled too deep. I found the M16 TDP, found how deep that hole was suppose to be, and everything appeared to be in spec.

So WTF happened? I dunno. My best guess is that it got over compressed somehow and the spring kinked or binded. I have never heard of this issue before in an AR15.

In any event, the replacement dropped right in, and I had a properly working bolt catch have that.

As for the stock body, I did the lazy thing and just swapped it out for another Colt M4 stock.

This section has rambled on a good bit longer than I expected, so expect a part 3.

The critical problems have been solved. In part 3 I will talk about the merits of the gun.


  1. I really enjoy articles like these, where you (or Shawn) discuss a firearm or component in detail with thoughts and commentary, whether good or bad. The recent Colt 6940 and Wilson Combat magazines posts were very good, too.

    A few months ago there were two articles on the Mossberg 500 MILS and another on how it was used in Iraq. This is some of your best stuff. Keep it up.

  2. I am saddened though not surprised by Colts lack of customer service,the company or their stockholders ect. do not seem to care anymore.I found calling customer service about a Diamondback wanted to have checked/serviced out was enough to head me in another direction.I still need to get on that little guy some day.

    • colt has always had a thing with the people who take phone calls. this is nothing to do with recent troubles. You just have to know where to go to get it done fast. which isnt ideal obviously. but you can get CS quickly and with great care from them. just ask one of them that hangs around in the various gun forums in the colt industry sections

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