35 rounds stuck in a Hi-Point barrel


Over on Facebook, Hi-Point Firearms shared this story:

Here are higher resolution versions of those photos:

Now are we suppose to take this as a testament to how overbuild High-Point firearms are or as a statement about the type of people who buy a Hi-Point?

I like this response on Facebook:

What sort of idiots do you have for customers and how could you, in good conscience, give him back a serviceable weapon?

David Murray

In any event, it is cool that Hi-Point is taking care of their customer despite it being user error.


  1. I have seen quite a few pictures of Barrels like this, Ruger’s, S&W, Colt…
    Hi Point Carbines are inexpensive but they have a reputation for accuracy and reliability that is well earned and their warranty is first rate.
    The best buy in PCC’s, if they didn’t use proprietary magazines I’d seriously consider buying on.

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