Wilson Combat has been making in my opinion the best 1911 mags for years now. The 47D being a gold standard. A while ago they worked with Larry Vickers to make what he thought the perfect mag for a 1911 should be.

Larry explains it all in the video. I have to say now that I have had one for a while after paying nearly 60 yankee green backs for it, I have to tell you it is one hell of a great magazine.

In the picture above you can see the Vickers mag with the older mag design and the newer mag. As LAV says in the video, all the holes are closed up on the Vickers mag. This keeps out dirt or anything else that could possible get in and cause an oopsie.

I really like the metal floorplate/bump pad.

I have used this mag in 12 different guns and fired close to 1,000 rounds with it in the various guns. What can I say other than it works like a Wilson Combat mag. Is it worth the 50plus dollars? Eh… that I don’t know. If it was as much as the other mags I would buy it exclusively. As it is, I don’t see me doing that. I have 100 percent faith with the other Wilson mags and have never had any trouble with them so I won’t be replacing them with the Vickers Tactical mags unless there is about a 20 dollar drop in price. IF the price doesn’t bother you and you really have trouble keeping crud out of your mags I can say they are worth it. They are damned nice though.


  1. Witness holes on a 1911 mag are kind of silly anyway. If you want it to be empty, just pull the trigger a few times. If you want it to be full, just put a few rounds in it.

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