1. A trick a guy showed me was to take stuff like that apart with a white plastic trashbag over me and the parts… at least it will get caught in the bag somewhere. I’ve lost several of these AR and Glock springs that got launched into the middle of my garage shop, never to be seen again.

  2. Tis why I love the small parts “Spare parts ” kits,have a bunch of em,doubles of all those little guys for 14 bucks or so,buy while you can.I try and do the stuff inside a box by dropping upper and removing buffer tube ect.,bless the Bushmaster little parts kits!

    I take things apart with arrogance and let those little springs and pesky detents know I have no personal relationship with them and they are EASILY replaceable,so far,this has worked!

    A great way to find those parts in garage is shop vac the dam place with a clean vacuum Tom,of course,they could be on a window sill/storage above garage ect.,those little dudes love to travel!

  3. The trick to retaining control of these springs and detents is to:

    a) know that they are there. If I’m going into a gun for the first time on that model of gun, I try to study a schematic, so I have an idea what might be launched when I remove some other part.

    b) cup your fingers or palm over the area from where you expect the launch

    c) try to give it enough room to eject, but not to get away from you; ideally, I like to let the part come partially out of the recess, but not all the way, then I ease it out.

    If I had people in front of me while I detail stripped an AR, I could show you. Your hand(s) look funny when you’re pulling some of these parts, what with the contortions you use to contain spring-launched items, but it is now rare that I have to snuffle around the shop, nose on the ground, ass in the air, flashlight in hand any more. Beretta M9’s are perhaps one of the worst guns for launching parts. AR’s aren’t that bad. Marlin Model 60’s launch stupid E/C clips across the room, if you allow them.

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