Thanks to good friend Dan Meyer covering SHOT for us this year, we have some pictures from the Colt booth ( of course) . Below you can see the new 357 magnum Cobra and the new Colt 901 rifle in 308 and the 6.5mm


  1. I regret not buying a LE901 when the first came out for the longer gas system and monolithic upper. I am happy to see they are at least keeping the modular lower. It really is unique in the market. I am curious to see how accurate the 6.5 is.

    Now if they would only sell the CK901. Seriously, with the bevy of new ARs u x39 out any excuse they have is just silly.

    As to the King Cobra… Is it the same frame size as the original and when can we expect 4 and 6 in adjustable sight versions?

    And if they want to call a revolver “classic” it should be made of carbon steel with a proper blue.

  2. Colt continues to evolve in the market place and still keep bringing back some retro stuff. Great folks to talk to at the show today.

  3. I am so glad they did bring the “CM”‘s to SHOT, looking at their media pages I saw no mention of them.
    Based on a previous post I bought a CM762 and I am in love with it, even more than my 901-16S and 901-16SE, I put an adjustable gas block on it and a Tubb spring and it is a dream to shoot suppressed.
    Now If I had a longer range, I’d pick up the CM65 upper for sale on Arms Unlimited.
    If you have a question on the CM762, AMA.

  4. Nice looking revolvers but am happy with the old school Diamondback I have in me collection,I ever went to that show would need to leave me wallet elsewhere or would be broke/in debt quickly!

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