A little Humor & Update


I know the website has not updated every day like I probably got you used to all of last summer and most of the fall. If you are wondering why it is because I had some medical things I had to get sorted out. Then I got pneumonia. Then it was the holidays. But that is all over now. So what is the hold up? Well it is winter here. Winter in Ky is sometimes very cold. Especially here in the eastern portion ( mountains). But more often its wet and windy and hovers around freezing. That makes it tough to do any real firearms testing up on “the range” AKA the reclaimed strip job on top of a mountain range. I have stuff sitting her ready to go if the rain stops for a bit. The Inland M3 sniper carbine review is almost done. To use Hognose’s schtick, it’s thiiiiiiis close( imagine fingers almost touching).

Anyway, Howard lives in Florida but isn’t Florida man. Yet. So thankfully he can still do some stuff at his range on the weekends. Duncan has apparently ran off to pursue his dream to be a transgendered stripper in NYC since the Gov shut down since our tax dollars are not being sent to him to pay him to oppress us as a Fed for the nonce. Daniel you will see posting Daniel Watters stuff on the Looserounds facebook page if you want something good to read while goldbricking on the toilet at work.

So what is upcoming? well, more videos will start being introduced to the website. Yea yeah. I know, Don’t worry. We aren’t gonna turn into Full30 over here. We will always be 90 percent writing and images. Once you see some of the videos you will understand why I chose video. I’m sure you will appreciate that decision.. Ahem.

That’s about it for now. I will leave you with some funny pictures for a chuckle. It’s ok, the Gov is shut down so they can’t do anything to us if we laugh.


  1. I carried an M-60 for quite a while. I always thought they were not a good gun, largely because ours were old Vietnam vets and pretty well worn and not so reliable. But still, the Bren was a great piece to carry and shoot and I much preferred it. I always would’ve liked to try out an MG-42 as well.

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