Rumor mill


I just heard today that one of the proposed Army M4 upgrades, the Picatinny Dry Solid Lube to be used on the bolt failed USMC testing. I don’t have any further info. Do any of you?

This was suppose to be a permanent lubricant coating with the intent to make CLP obsolete. But we have heard that before and it hasn’t happened yet.

Was also hearing that the new URG-1 upgrade for the M4 was failing drop tests, and that there is also some sort of lawsuit going on. I haven’t found any info on this yet. Thought I’d reach out to the community to see if any of you know anything.

So, at the moment, no real news here, just rumors I’m looking into. Thought you might find it interesting.


  1. I can’t see a weapon lubricant like CLP ever being obsolete. That is just the 30 year GI in me talking though. Need for it has been a constant.


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