Get Ready For The Coming Ice Age


Howard recently sent me a text mentioning the newest weather religion claim  going around the web. That is the stories of the sun entering a cycle that will result in us all freezing to death or having to  invade Mexico  like in The Day After Tomorrow.  Truly teaching us a lesson in something or other. I have no idea what , but something I’m sure our betters in the media will let us know.

Anyway, since it will be colder than a cheerleaders heart, that  means special lubes to keep your guns working so you can fight off the woolly mammoths in our new icey world.

That means LAW.

When it is colder than a well digger’s belt buckle, the Army says use LAW

Not a lube you often see on the civilian market, LAW is  made for the times you may be in the company of penguins or polar bears.   Now you don’t need this lube in the good old USA very often  but you will after the sun tries to kill us no doubt because we have too many SUVs.   The lubricant is a formula for serious sub-zero temps.   You can read the ARMY’s guidelines on when to use and how in all TM’s about the M16/M4.     Not always easy to get,  Midway USA and sportsman’s guide have cans of LAW  in the size above for sell right now.  Maybe they know something we don’t.

In a world of snake oil gun lubes, you can’t go wrong following the Army’s advice.

I add the little cartoon above to remind people there is a lot of snake oil on the market.  While CLP is just fine, there is still better on the market, Like Slip2000EWL which is also a CLP.  A lot of people will use whatever they  can get cheap, I think of gun lube like car  engine oil. Cheaper isn’t always better or smarter in the long term.


  1. I remember the ‘experts’ telling us that the global cooling will be so severe that the equator will be the only habitable area on the planet. U.S.A. and Europe will be in permanent winter though it might be slightly less bad if we deliberately cause the polar ice caps to melt. This will occur before the year 2000. Yes, 2000. And I use Breakfree for most everything.

  2. I got a bunch of clp from an armourer, so I’ll keep using it. While slip2000 may be better, it’s only by a very small degree. I also still use lubriplate. Still works great.
    USMC Parris Island 1961

    • its better more than a small degree. and its specs do exceed the requirements of CLP. Seems a lot of people do not realize or know that slip2000EWL is also a CLP. I can tell you right now it stays put on the guns longer in storage and it lasts longer on guns used during sustained full auto firing. We use it on the HK21 , the M60 etc
      and it has the advantage of not being toxic on the human body. I’m not trying to to sell anyone on it cause I don’t care what others use but I will tell you I used CLP all my life but after the EWL slip, and seeing it and how it does, I use it damn near exclusively on all my guns.

  3. It’s funny you mentioned car engine oil because I use that on guns too though mostly just on an old 1911. I use that stuff from ALG mostly now if for no other reason than I ordered a bottle when I bought a handguard.

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