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4 thoughts on “Bullpup Buck”

  1. Well,you got the acreage clover seeds would almost fit the bill,the deer will come to harvest as it sets in and starts to grow.Many states will not allow a 5.56 for hunting,of course used that as my rational for getting a .300 upper,of course,could not be bothered to swap uppers and thus built a lower/then a stock/sling/sites/glass,you get the idea.One may argue I did not need a .300 as have a Weatherby 5 in 300 magnum but it would have fallen on deaf ears.

  2. The easiest way to get a deer in Sonoma County is to drive the back roads at dusk or dawn.
    My PU truck was nicknamed “Deerslayer” after I hit three in one year.


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