Guest Post: EDC Loadout


Guest Post by Mack Culverhouse

The above photo is my EDC for work and most days off.I’m fortunate to work in an establishment that allows concealed carry. And als ohas two well stocked first aid kits readily accessible. My average day involving going to work and driving home. Maybe stopping at Kroger for beer and I feel my load out is adequate for that.

  • Ruger LCP in DeSantis Pocket Nemesis holster. Two mags of Sig Elite 100 grn ball. With that loading; my LCP has never malfunctioned. And it is fairly accurate for a pocket pistol out to seven yards.
  • S&W642-1, pre lock. I wear this gun on my belt in a Bianchi holster. Five rounds of Hornady 125 grn FTX standard pressure .38 SPL. The gun likes this loading the best. 
  • Bianchi gun leather belt. This belt was chosen because it provides a rigid platform for holster wear and doesn’t scream tactical from the outside.  
  • Columbia wallet with the RFID blocker. Be Prepared. I’ve never been a victim of card fraud, not do I know anyone whose card information has been stolen but a little insurance is never a bad thing. Furthermore, at the Columbia outlet all of the wallets were RFID blocking.
  • Streamlight MicroStream. It’s hella bright, lightweight, and uses AAA batteries. The pocket clip is really convenient. It’s bright enough to be worth carrying but still fits in a jeans or khakis pocket.
  • Swiss Army Spartan. Sorority girls taught me the value of a cork screw in college.And the screw driver and bullet opener are handy as all get out. Be Prepared.
  • Benchmade automatic. I bought it second hand so I don’t know the exact model. But it’s double sided and holds an edge really good. Good for all manner of cutty pokey stabby things.
  • Car keys. My bottle opener was a freebie from a local DUI attorney. Be Prepared.
  • Casio G-Shock. An older one my adopted little sister bought for me at the Benning PX.Been through a couple of deployments. Keeps time. Has a timer, stopwatch,multiple time zone function, is water proof, and has an altimeter. I wore jump boots once upon a time.
  • Stainless steel wedding band.

I’m past the point of making movement to contact; but, I’m comfortable with my setup. The Streamlight and Swiss Army knife get the most use out of everything.I use to carry a good clicky pen; but changing careers meant are always writing implements available at work.


  1. Another Swiss Army fan! I’ve carried the same one every day for 35 years. If I’m wearing pants it’s with me. A very capable but under rated tool.


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