Range Chatter


Did a little plinking at the range today.  My session was cut short due to an issue.

Before I started shooting the Chief Range Safety Officer came over and we chatted a little.  As we did he went though some of the target backers and found that someone had been using some of the political signs as target backers.  Now the material many of these political signs are made of make for excellent target backers as they are light and easy to move, rugged enough to absorb plenty of impacts and are easy to staple or tape targets too.  But in this particular case, someone took a political sign that had the picture of one of the candidates and shot the hell out of the picture of the candidate and nothing else.

Now I know some of you might feel the same way about most all of the people who run for elections, but what this shooter did was just a generally all round stupid thing to do.  It makes us all look bad when people see something like that.  It also can be taken as a threat to said person, and could lead to legal problems for the shooter.  Etc.  Just a bad idea all around.

Changing subjects.

A few of my rifles have hand stops mounted on them.  Those are not just handy for rapid off hand shooting, but also when you are shooting off a bag you can push that hand stop right up to the bad and use it to help ensure consistency from shot to shot.

I had it up against the bag on the rest like so.  Well until my third shot when the hand stop caught the bubble level and ripped it right off the rest.

I think it would be easy enough to glue it back on or replace it, but I’m not sure if I am going to bother to do that.

This particular range session was just to work with a new rifle.  On my 12th shot I had a case get stuck in the chamber.

The extractor ripped that section of the rim right off the case.  

I bring a fixed cleaning rod with my at the range, but the one I do is short and sized just right for a 16 inch AR15.  So it was just a little bit too short to clear out this malfunction.  When I got home I was able to easily knock out the case with a Dewey rod.

I think I am going to start packing a proper single piece full length cleaning rod with me from now on.


  1. I have an older coated rod from which the protective coating has worn off, and it stays in the vehicle that I’m most likely to use to go to the range. Therefore it’s unlikely to be forgotten…….

  2. It’s sad that someone expressing their first Amendment rights could get in trouble for doing so.
    It’s definitely in poor taste to shoot a picture of a politician in a public venue, but it is clearly political expression and thus protected “speech”.

    • People must understand that the ability to say what every like that does not exempt them from the results of what they say.
      Much as your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of another person nose, when what you say or imply harms others you are accountable.


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