A useless new boresnake


The other day I posted about boresnakes.  Last weekend I went out to the range with a newly assembled upper. and I grab a new in package bore snake that I was going to run down the bores of the uppers I bought out so that I know they are clear of obstruction or debris before shooting.

That was an exercise in frustration.

This new boresnake was stamped with the caliber, very handy.  Except that this stamping bent the end enough that it would not feed down the bore.

Completely useless.


    • How many hammers do you bring to the range with you?
      Ball peen or claw? Jewelers or sledge? All of the above?
      When did you decide it was acceptable for companies to sell you stuff that doesn’t work?

  1. Read it again Howard–“other small tool”. Maybe even a small rock. Do you feel better expressing your righteous indignation or did you want to get the bore swabbed out?

  2. Do you not carry a basic set of tools in your range bag? Do you not carry a multitool in your pocket? Maybe it’s time to start.

    A quick squeeze with a pair of pliers and you’d be good to go.

    How much did you pay for this “worthless” bore snake anyway? Was it a brand name, or some cheap Chineseium?

    • A carry a variety of tools and had multiple options. For example I could have cut off the brass end and singed the cord.
      As for cost, I don’t recall, this one has been sitting on the shelf for a long time. Hoppes brand, so I suppose it not really a brand associated with quality any more. Used to be, but not any more.
      I work in manufacturing and it disgusts me to see a complete lack of quality control. I find my self hard pressed to buy anything that doesn’t have some sort of functional defect. A barrel a recently purchased appears to have an out of spec chamber. A lower with a crooked receiver extension.
      It is one thing to buy a defective toy, but defective weapons should never be considered acceptable.
      I disagree with the mentality that one should be expected to have to fix a brand new item. When we buy something, we are paying for a working product.

  3. I don’t think anyone here would disagree that you should not need to fix a brand new item you paid for. It’s just the original post reads like you got stuck and couldn’t figure out a way to fix it in the field, hence the “helpful” comments.

  4. Oh, look, the “you’re stupid because someone else made and sold a shitty product” crowd is out…

    It never ceases to amaze me that the same people that will shriek at the internets about some piece of crap they bought not working the way they wanted it to, will turn around and lambaste someone else for simply offering commentary on something not working as it should.

    I see it all the time, and while I used to find it reprehensible, now I just see it as a reminder that most people on the internet simply are online for their own emotional fulfillment. Their misfortune is an opportunity to lash out at whoever they think wronged them, and your misfortune is an opportunity to lash out at you for being dumber than them.

    This is why I don’t try to enlighten people on the internets anymore, I just tell them why they are wrong until they get tired of it and leave.


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