Damage Inc LLC QD End Plate sucks


So I have been playing around with these QD end plates for the AR15.  They are a replacement receiver end plate that had a QD socket built right into it.  It makes for a very convenient sling mount location.

I was researching a different potential problem with these, when one of my rifles dropped off the sling.

First, I found with any brand QD end plate, many stocks will press the QD release button if the stock is completely collapsed.  Extending the stock while the rifle is hanging from a sling will cause the QD to disconnect from the rifle with the majority of brands of QD swivels.

But then I found that the Damage Industries LLC. QD End plate allows the QD sling mount to come out if the QD sling mount is rotated.

For now, I would suggest that if you buy a QD receiver end plate, get one from brands like BCM, Noveske, Magpul, etc.  The Damage Industries one just doesn’t work.


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