Rock Island Auction Colt Monitor


Rock Island Auction  has been putting out teasers for an upcoming auction. This one  being worthy of sharing I thought.

Everyone recognizes the iconic Thompson SMG ( no relation to me ) but what’s that BAR with the weird looking stock?  That is the ultra rare Colt Monitor Machine Rifle. The idea was a shortened and lighter version of the BAR for mainly domestic LEO use.  After shortening the barrel, removing the bipod, adding a pistol grip and using a lighter weight receiver.  This kept the gun at about 16 pounds.  A cutts compensator was added to aid in recoil control.    In a way it seems this version was a bit ahead of its time. With shortened barrel and pistol grip and an lighter weight I have no idea why it didn’t catch on with governments around the world and the US Gov.   Less than 150 were made so maybe that made a difference.  Maybe because the US gov figured it had enough of the original models and didn’t want  to spend the money.  If so, that would be the first time the US gov didn’t want to spend money on something.


  1. It was a comparability thing apparently combined with turning it into a support weapon. Forgotten weapons got into it. It really was a misses opportunity though. The monitor is probably the most refined BAR before the HCAR thing.


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