Extreme disappointment in Leupold.


Update-  Finally heard back from Leupold, they acknowledge this is a mistake and will be correcting it.

I have an old TS-30 A2 Leopold scope.  The model is nothing special, but it rare to find one with the military “TS-30 A2” markings.

I’ve been meaning to post up a review of this scope, but when I received it the illumination was broken.  I thought I’d send it in and have it refurbished before I did a review.

It used a 1/3 N battery, like the old Aimpoints.

So I sent it in to Leupold to have the illumination fixed.  I got it back today.

They overhauled it:

They put in the updated illumination that uses a CR2032 battery, a nice upgrade:

But then they gave me a massive downgrade:

They downgraded me to a Duplex Reticle.  That is a major change from the original mildot reticle.  It pretty much makes the scope useless for me.


What The Fuck Leupold?  I never would have sent it in if I knew they were going to do that.

I’ve attempted to contact their customer service department and am waiting to hear back.


  1. Wow! That is a heartbreaker. I have been hunting one of those for a while to put on my Mod. 0 clone to replicate a Mod. 0 that I had my hands on in Iraq in 2004. Hopefully Leupold can fix it. Keep us posted.

  2. Not only the reticle, they replaced the whole Illum housing ruining the value of your TS30. The whole point of getting one of those older ones is the old housing. I wouldn’t pay more than 800 for it now.


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