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1 thought on “I suck at making videos”

  1. I don’t want to launch into a tremendously boring lecture on what you’re seeing there with the barrel flex on AR’s (I will if you want, but be warned, there’s lots of technical arcana) , but I can offer a couple of ideas about photos/videos and guns:

    – Make a light box. Get an appliance box, line it with white shelf paper and then aim your light sources at the inside surfaces of the box. Don’t point the light(s) directly at the gun(s) you’re photographing.

    Filming guns under direct, single or multi-source light tends to wash out details and contours. When I’m taking pictures, especially of fine guns with glossy finishes (and blued barrels with high polish), a light box, with light reflected off the sides to diffuse the light, makes all the difference in the world.

    – When you need to get a photo showing something along the length of the gun, get a tripod or other mount for the camera, set up the exposure to increase the f-stop and exposure time.

    – Some spectrums of light result in different perceptions in photos. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I know when I’m working on a gun on the bench, and I’m working under blue-ish/white LED lights, I lose depth perception. It’s very difficult for me to do filing/polishing/stock and checkering work under LED lights.


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