Review: Chaos Ready Flip Up Iron Sights


I was supplied a set of Chaos Ready Flip Up sights to try and review.  When I saw that they were $27.99 I was pretty doubtful on the quality of them.   When the average back up iron sight set costs about $200, I was really curious what $28 would get.

I was surprised.

These sights are sold on Amazon, so you get the normal Amazon fast shipping.  Each sight is packaged in a small ziplock bag inside the box.  The packaging also included an Allen wrench for installation and instructions.  The little box they were in was falling apart when I received it.


When I first looked at them I was pretty impressed as they were far nicer than the cheapest BUIS I’ve seen before.  Sometimes you see knockoff BUIS which are copies of major brands and they just feel cheap and chintzy.  These seemed decent.  There is a subdued logo on the front of each sight.

These sights lock in both the up and down positions.  Pressing the button on the left side lets the spring on each sight pop it up into the deployed position.  Like most BUIS, there is a little play in them when they are in the deployed position but the spring keeps the sight consistently in the same place.

If you have used A2 sights, you will be familiar with the adjustment and use of these.

Front sight is just like an A2 front sight except the detent holding it from turning is on the left.  Adjustment is easy.  I haven’t checked if the posts are interchangeable with standard front sight posts.


The rear sight is low profile but it has the rear aperture sticking up.  That may interfere with some optics.


So what are the downsides of this $28 dollar sight set?

The biggest one on this one the detent for the rear sight windage adjustment is not very positive.  It takes almost no force to turn that windage knob and I am concerned that the slightest bump or aggressive flipping between the two apertures would change the zero.  I don’t know if all the Chaos Ready rear sights have this issue, or just mine.  I see this as potentially a big issue.

There are two lesser issues.  A minor one is that because the buttons to flip up the sights are on the left side, if  you are a left handed shooter shooting from the left shoulder it may be a little awkward to deploy them with your right hand.  Practice would negate that.

The other minor issue involves the space between the charging handle and the rear sight.  Between the button and the body of the sight and the charging handle that area is getting kinda crowded.  If you are going for maximum speed in weapon manipulation you will probably want an extended charging handle and perhaps move this rear sight up a notch or two.

I really like this front sight, and I love being able to push a button and have it snap up into place.  The loose windage adjustment on the rear sight makes me less than thrilled about the rear sight.  If they sort that out I would probably highly recommend these.  I could see my self buying more of these just for the front sight.

They don’t compare to the $200+ competition, but at $28, I am very impressed.  The real question is going to be how well they hold up over time.  I am looking forward to finding out.


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