Quick Look at a Geissele Rail


I can’t remember if I talked about this before, so I’ll talk about it now.

Geissele started in the AR market with an awesome trigger.  They have since expanded to offer handguards and optics mounts.  Personally while their handguards and optic mounts are really nice, I think you can get just as nice for significantly cheaper.  That said, lets take a closer look at one.

The first Geissele rails that were publicly seen were made for the HK416.  The current rails show that heritage with their massive barrel nut.

The rail slides over this barrel nut and is held in place by two bolts that line up with the notches in the barrel nut.

The rail also has anti rotation tabs with set screws to prevent the handguard from rotating should excessive force be applied to it.

I was surprised to see that Geissele leaves a bunch of sharp corners where the rail meets the receiver.  I would have expected a generous radius on these edges.

Geissele rails have been growing in popularity lately.  They are also being used on the Army’s new URG-1 upper.  The rumor mill says it was picked because it has less deflection under load than other offerings.  These rails are pretty nice, but very expensive.


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